Carla und Britta sprechen über das amerikanische Leben

Study this episode and any others from the LingQ German Podcast on LingQ! Check it out. Carla and Britta talk about living in the USA as Germans about food and dining-out. Carla has been living in the US for many years. Britta just recently moved to Washington DC. She is still wondering about the differences…More

Irene’s kürzliche Reise nach Malta

Want to study this episode as a lesson on LingQ? Give it a try! Irene talks with Steve about her recent trip to Malta. (Irene spricht mit Steve über ihren kürzlich stattgefundenen Reise nach Malta) Steve: Guten Abend Irene: Guten Abend, Steve Steve: Guten Abend, Irene, wie geht’s? Irene: Oh, es geht mir gut. Es…More